Kia Ora

  • Kia Ora

    I’ve finally begun processing my images from my recent New Zealand trip and I’ve sat here looking through my images for the past two days not knowing where to start. New Zealand has so many amazing locations that you can literally stop around every corner to photograph another stunning image.
    I’ve decided to begin posting with this image of the world famous Wanaka Tree.
    This tree could possibly be the most photographed trees in the world and I can now understand why. It really is a place of tranquility and was worth the 3 hr drive before sunrise to have the place to ourselves.
    The story goes that a local farmer built a fence and this one piece of willow began to grow into what you see here today.


    Please follow my blog to see more from my landscapes and travel images.

  • 23 thoughts on “Kia Ora

    1. Reblogged this on Alien Shores Photography and commented:
      My son Craig has just returned from a photography expedition in New Zealand … The images I’ve seen so far suggest that he has an iconic collection coming. Having also travelled there, I’m looking forward to seeing each one as they arrive. Wes

      • Thank you Christine. This was just my first shot of the morning. I’ve got dozens of other images from all angles yet to process. Keep your eye’s out for more of New Zealand’s best views to come

    2. I saw some of your photos on Leanne Cole’s blog and must say they were all stunning. Thanks for letting fellow-bloggers see these beautiful images. I hope to explore your blog soon when I can find some time.

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