Fifteen minutes on ice

I tried something new to test out some of the capabilities of my new Nikon D810.
After taking a few long exposures to capture the Milky Way over Pejar Dam near Goulbourn, I decided to try a new approach and go for a super long exposure of 15 minutes to create a star trail image.
I would normally do this using multiple shorter exposures of approx 30 seconds but wanted to see how the sensor would cope with hot pixels which is the sensor heating up during long exposures.

I was quite surprised to find only very minimal hot pixels in the blacks of the image which made them easy to remove and the image came out quite well.
The green colour near the horizon is airglow which is a natural occurrence in the atmosphere similar to an Aurora but much less faint and can be seen anywhere in the world whereas Aurora are more visible nearer to the north and south poles.



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