I’ve finally bit the bullet and sold all of my Canon gear and upgraded to a Nikon D810 with some new glass.
This called for a camping trip in the Blue Mountains to test it out.
One of the things that attracted me to the Nikon is the iso handling and crisp sharp images they produce over the Canon 5Dmkii that I had been shooting with.

I arrived at the site I wanted to setup right on dark so I had to setup my tent under my headlamp. The cloud started rolling in and I was beginning to think I had gone to all this effort in vain so I cooked up some dinner and climbed into my sleeping bag, set my alarm for midnight to see if the sky clears and went to sleep.
Roll around midnight and I awoke to an amazing clear sky with the Milky Way straight over head so I got out the camera and got to work learning this new machine.


I shot for about an hour and then headed back to bed and woke again at 4am to shoot again when the Milky Way had begun to lower to the west.


It was also a good time to try out a large image using a multi shot stitch consisiting of 9 images to fit in the whole Milky Way which is known as a Milky Way Bow.


I again went back to bed before getting up just before sunrise which eventuated in very little colour as the clouds rolled back in again but I was able to capture some colour with my tent once again being the prominent foreground interest.


Keep an eye out for more images from this outing and more to come.


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